Elevate 1 on 1 Coaching

Suggested Price: $4,997.00 / month





For the overachiever looking to truly​ ELEVATE​ their​ presence in the marketplace with SPEED

(4) 45 minute 1 on 1 Connect To Elevate Community Virtual Coaching Calls per month

​Connect To Elevate 1 on 1 Business ​education​ coaching and follow through tactics for growth​

​Connect To Elevate 1 on 1 Strategic​ P​lanning Specific To Your Goals

​Connect To Elevate 1 on 1 Communication & Leadership ​Coaching

​Connect To Elevate Strategies​ To Scale Your Business​

Connect To Elevate 1 on 1 Quarterly ​KPI Planning

Connect To Elevate Community Member Only Social Page

Connect To Elevate Resources & Affiliate Relationship Offers

Connect To Elevate Networking

PLUS a 2​5​% Discount off Workshops & Seminars​


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