Rules of Engagement

Welcome our Connect To Elevate Community. This is your opportunity to be a part of the elite and network with like minded individuals!

This private group is designed for you to connect, do business.with and network with the elite individuals within our Connect To Elevate Community.

We are here to be a resource for you so that you can take advantage of all of the resources that your programs have available and even gain valuable insight regularly.


1. No Pitching
Please do not use this group to promote your business, product, or service. It is not intended to be an advertising platform for group members.

2. Link Sharing
You can post links to helpful articles on business and success, but please keep things on target to what Connect To Elevate is about.

3. Stay on Track
Keep posts & comments in this group focused on topics related to business, success, & excellence. Please steer away from religion, politics, sexuality, or any other controversial issue. You are NOT TO post an inspirational or informational messages here, this is not the place to spam your daily blog or message. If you are found abusing this rule, your posting privileges may be revoked.

4. Be Humble
You are all very intelligent, accomplished people. But please … this is not the venue to constantly show the rest of us how smart you are. Make it a priority to ask questions that spark conversation and listen as well as contribute.

5. Be Honest and Follow Through
Doing business together is what we are here to do. Dishonest business will result in privileges being be revoked. As a business owner you must do as you promise, deliver on time (or before) and surpass expectation ALWAYS!!

6. Be Kind
We are united to bring out the best in one another. For that reason, no personal attacks or insults OF ANY KIND to members will be tolerated.

7. Not A Hook Up Service
This is not a dating or hook-up group. Please do not send anyone romantic or sexually-related messages to anyone in this group.

8. NO Harassment
Don’t harass other members or get too much “in their space”. Of course, we want all members of the Arete Syndicate to connect and bond in a meaningful way…but it has to be something you both want.

We respect the privacy & protect the safety of those here. Do not share any content from the group—whether by copy/pasting or taking a screenshot, or sharing details about another person's business.

10. Use common sense
You belong to this group because we saw you as a person of class & integrity. Conduct yourself accordingly. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Be positive & supportive. Live to serve others.

I Agree to These Terms. Let Me In!